Hardwood FAQ's

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Find out all you need to know about the top flooring category frequently asked questions.
Are your wood and wood products responsibly sourced?
We are committed to providing you with responsibly sourced hardwood flooring! To that end, it is the policy of our manufacturer’s to produce and sell hardwood and hardwood products originating from responsible sources.
Can we install hardwood flooring if we have a dog or other indoor pets?
Absolutely! Our hardwood flooring is extremely durable, and feature scuff and scratch resistant technology so you can have a pet-friendly home without worrying about scratched on your beautiful hardwood flooring.
What is the difference between solid and engineered hard wood flooring?
Solid hardwood flooring is milled from a single ¾” thick piece of hardwood flooring while engineered hardwood flooring is made up of multiple layers of wood stacked in a cross-grain configuration. Most solid hardwood flooring expands and contract based on your home’s relative humidity while engineered hardwood flooring is configured to minimize expanding and shrinking. Traditional solid hardwood flooring is not suited for below grade installation, like in basements or sunken living rooms while the construction of engineered hardwood flooring allows it to be installed at any grade level. While engineered hardwood flooring can be installed in rooms below grade level, it’s still not advised to install any hardwood flooring in bathrooms or other rooms with significant exposure to daily moisture.
Can we install hardwood flooring over an existing floor?
Yes! You can install hardwood flooring over concrete, plywood, existing wood floors or OSB subfloors. For concrete subfloors, choose an engineered hardwood flooring to ensure structural integrity. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring can be installed over plywood, existing wood floors and OSB subfloors.
What's the best way to clean hardwood flooring?
Establishing an easy care and maintenance routine for your hardwood flooring will ensure your floors look beautiful for years to come! Sweep, dust or vacuum the floor regularly. Make sure to use a hard floor attachment on your approved vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching your floor’s finish. For spills, quickly blot or use a soft cloth to absorb and wipe away clean. Make sure to tend to liquid spills quickly so they won’t damage your hardwood flooring.