Carpet binding


When you need to understand carpet binding

Carpet binding secures the edges of an area rug or runner to prevent damage or raveling. It's a service most often used for custom projects, special sizes, and unique shapes. But all rugs must be bound somehow before they're ready for your home.

Understanding the binding process can help you reach the results you want and need. And we'll make sure your results are just what you expect. The more you find out about the service, the better decisions you can make when the time comes.

Custom rugs are exotic

With custom rugs, you have the option to create a truly unique piece. Choose the carpet fibers, type, design, and more, to get the look you want. And then choose a shape, size, and format to fit any room in your home.

But you can mix it up with a binding that puts the perfect finishing touch on your piece. It's a great way to personalize your rugs or create a one-of-a-kind item. We'll help you blend everything for successful results, regardless of size.



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Types of carpet binding

Carpet binding comes in three categories, catering to a specific need. You might find one that suits your needs best. Here is a brief look at those three binding types:

  • General binding - This method often uses standard color and width tape for generic binding methods. It's usually used only for preventing the ravel of carpet fibers.
  • Serging - Serging resembles a hand-stitched binding that caters to a formal appearance. These are often used in foyers, home offices, and traditional dining rooms.
  • Fringing - Rug fringe is a decorative form of carpet binding reserved for low traffic areas. It's a great way to dress up a room when other features aren’t available.


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